Max’s Story

Max aka Minam (Handsome in Korean) was a small 1.2 kg 6 month old puppy when I saw him on a kill shelter website in November 2008 in Seoul, South Korea. The photo showed he had an injured front paw and the shelter thought it may be fractured. He was just picked up off the streets with a 10 day hold limit to live. If his owners didn’t claim him within 10 days, he would be put down or allowed to be adopted out. I had 10 days to find someone to help me get him as my Korean was very limited and the location of the shelter was difficult to get to.

A vet in Seoul kindly volunteered to have a worker pick the puppy up and keep him in Seoul until I could pick him up, as I lived 2 hours away. I accepted his offer and waited for day 10. No one came to claim the puppy so the vet picked him up for me. I met him a week later, and learned his front paw wasn’t broken but instead was deformed and had grown longer than his other legs. This didn’t slow Max down as he had not a care in the world, happy to be out of the shelter and in a warm home.

Max was my second dog, as a companion for my first dog. Though a puppy and a handful, he brightened up my older dog giving her some old spunk. Bringing Max back to Canada was not a question but a requirement for my family and I as they grew to love him when they visited Korea. Now back in Canada, Max has been a constant companion who can brighten up anyone’s day with his little smile. It is impossible to be anything but happy around him as his goal in life appears to be to make sure everyone laughs around him.

In November when I lost my older dog, Max grew depressed but helped me through our loss as he learned how to be the only pup-child.

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