Oreo’s Story

Oreo was found by animal control in Toronto as a stray dog. Presumably she had strayed on more than one occasion. As a result, the city decided to seize her from her owners and not give her back. What we have found about her is she is a master escape artist. There is not one screen in our home has been left in one piece since Oreo has been around. She doesn’t want anyone to leave her and has jumped into the waiting cars of friends, mailmen, furniture delivery people and even those who are vacuuming their cars in their driveway while she is on a walk. Having said all this, she stays home alone perfectly fine when the windows are closed.

Oreo came to us from Bullies in Need in Ontario. She was rescued from the Toronto Animal Services North shelter where after a few weeks; she was pretty unhappy and losing weight. She started in a foster home just before ours, but the other dog and she weren’t getting along and so she was brought to us on an urgent basis. We had just sent another BIN foster dog to B.C. almost a month before, so the house was lonely without a bully. Lucky for her, Chris was off work with a back injury, so Oreo had somebody home all day each day to herself for a few months.

The kids named her Oreo, for her colouring of course. She has been a friend to every child and adult she comes across and most dogs too. She had a foster brother Roger, who also went to B.C. and I think he was the love of her life because she hasn’t wanted to live with any other dog since.

She’s pretty demanding, always telling you what she needs; staring at you from across the room and whining or grunting. She talks more than any bully I’ve ever had. She also has a way of inserting herself into the smallest places just to get close to you. And it’s not just with family. Friends and neighbours have all gotten the “squish treatment” from Oreo. And she’s a make out queen. She will lick the face of anyone who will let her.

But she has a dark side. If it is windy out…watch out. We’ve come home to anything from newspapers and cardboard boxes shredded and spread over the living room, to blankets and throws lightly spritzed with something that needs to go in the laundry. Strangely, she has nothing against fireworks or thunder. But she will go crazy with barking and teeth chattering if you open an aluminum drink can in her presence.

We have been finding out her little quirks and laughing with her ever since she arrived. She is so sweet; her weirder antics are just another facet of her character. Which is why we all love her.” Check out Bullies In Need !

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