Ava’s Story

“When we decided we wanted to get a dog around two years ago, we already had two cats at home. We were keen to adopt a dog, but we wanted to ensure that our dog and cats would get along – so we needed a kind, patient and fun loving pup.

We weren’t sure were to start looking until I came across a company called Meet Your Mutt – a dog and human matchmaking service. We thought it sounded like a cool idea to try, so we got started right away. Ashley – Meet Your Mutt’s owner – scheduled an assessment where she came to our home and used a series of questions to help assess the breeds of dogs that would be best for our fur family and lifestyle.

When the results came in there were a few breed options and my husband and I decided we liked the idea of a gentle Samoyed mix dog. We searched through rescue listings with Ashley and many dogs were far away or already adopted before we even put an application in! One day around Easter we got an urgent message from Ashley – her brother had been at the Quinte Humane Society (Belleville Humane Society) and told her about a beautiful young Samoyed-Husky mix who had just arrived at the shelter from “way up north”. We decided to drive to Belleville the next day!

Because it was the Easter long weekend we weren’t even 100% sure if the shelter was open, but couldn’t find out definitely until we got there – they were closed to the public that day and the people in the office weren’t allowed to show any dogs or do any rescues – we would have to come back the next day when they were open. We drove home, a bit disappointed, but decided that we would try again – and the next day when we met Ava we were glad we did. Ava was the most beautiful dog we had seen! She was very calm and quiet. She was very fluffy and we were shocked when we picked her up at how small and light she was until all that fur. When we took her outside for a walk she was nervous but very friendly. She has very unique eyes – one is pale blue and the other is brown with pale blue at the bottoms. She was a puppy face with adorable floppy ears. We fell in love and signed up to adopt her that day.

Because Ava had to be spayed before we could adopt her, we couldn’t take her home for one more week. So, the next weekend we made a third trip to Belleville to bring our doggy home. I sat is the back seat with her on the ride and she was very calm and calmly looked out the window the whole way home. When we got to our house she was nervous of the city noises, but seemed more curious than scared after a few walks around the block. We were surprised to find that she knew many basic commands already and learned quickly on new tricks and manners. She desperately wanted to play with our cats – they were not as thrilled with the idea. Since we adopted Ava our fur family is complete and we couldn’t be happier to have this silly pup in our lives everyday!”

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