Brutus’ Story

In April of 2013 I lost my dog to cancer. I was devastated at the loss. I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to have another dog again.

After two months I remembered my promise that after he went I would foster dogs. From the end of July 2013 to the middle of February 2014 I fostered four dogs for Speaking of Dogs. During those months I would go into Petfinder and look at dogs that needed forever homes. Though I saw lots of dogs that I thought were adorable none of them ever tweaked my heart. Then one day near the end of February after my I had been without a foster dog for a couple of weeks I went to Petfinder and the Bullies In Need page. That is were I saw Brutus. My heart did a flip just at seeing his picture and all I could think was how come I wasn’t asked to foster him since they knew that I was fostering dogs. I kept going back to look at Brutus and that’s when I realized I had to meet him. I messaged Patti and told her I wanted to see him. She was so happy at my interest. I have known Patti for years and she knew what I had been going thru after the loss of my dog.

A meeting was set up with the foster mom for March 1st in Oakville. The whole drive out there all I kept thinking was I am not ready for a dog. I cant do this. It hasn’t even been a year yet. I really cant do this. I am not emotionally ready for this. When I got to the meeting place and saw Patti I almost started crying because I had convinced myself I couldn’t go thru with it. Patti and I talked for a few minutes then went into the humane society building to wait for the foster mom to show up. The minute she walked into the building with Brutus he came right up to me put his head in my lap and looked up at me as if to say “I finally found you”.

We all went into a room where I could get a good feel for him. He ran around the room checking things out then finally came and laid down at my feet. Patti looked at me and said “I am not going to say anything but he had his pick of people and he lay down by you. Really I am not going to say anything”. I just smiled because I was already lost to him the moment he put his head in my lap. All the feelings I had on the drive there and vanished. I knew he was coming home with me.

I took him home that day on a trial basis but everyone knew that he had picked me and wasn’t going anywhere. From his foster mom I found out that Brutus was surrendered to the vet she worked with because he was aggressive and uncontrollable. That was only after 6 days of him being neutered.

I did find him a little unmanageable but that was because he had no training and I knew that I could work with him. After a visit to the vet I found out that he had a heartworm. I was so upset but the vets were so great reassuring me that it wasn’t as bad as I was thinking. Tests were done and the conclusion was that he probably only had one worm but he was going to have to be kept to restricted exercise. That was the hardest thing to deal with since he was hyper and needed lots of exercise, we went on lots of walks and worked on his training. I learned quickly just how stubborn Brutus is. but with lots of patience and routine in his training he has come along way. His biggest issue when I got him was he likes to jump up on people and kiss them. I have worked a lot with him and my friends and neighbours have been a big help with that part of his training. He still has his moments when he gets over excited at seeing someone and tries to jump up to give them a kiss.

He is now heartworm free and able to go for runs and enjoy being off leash.

Every day has been a blessing with Brutus. He has brought joy and laughter back into my life.

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