Theo’s Story

Two weeks after my dog Jake passed away, I paid a visit to the Toronto Humane Society. I was just there to get some information on volunteering and fostering. Now that I didn’t have a dog of my own, I planned to devote my free time to dogs at the shelter. As I was making my way out, after having obtained all the information and having a good look around, I noticed a dark brown dog with some white markings and white tipped tail.

We made eye contact his bright eyes held my gaze. There was a frenzy of barking amongst the majority of the dogs at that very moment, but he stood calmly in his enclosure locking eyes with me. I read the information posted on his enclosure. It said he was Terrier/Mastiff cross, no bite history, good with other dogs, but as it turned out he was in the process of being adopted. So I had to walk away.

Less than a week later I mentioned him to a friend who asked about my visit to the shelter. She urged me to check if he had been adopted in case it fell through. That night, after consoling a shelter volunteer who lost her dog to cancer the day before, I went onto the website. His picture was back up! I went to get my dog the very next morning. As it turned out, the volunteer I was consoling the evening before was very instrumental in the adoption process. I decided to name this dog Theodore, which I later found out means “Gift from God”.

It’s over two years later and Theo and I have become a great team. We completed group obedience classes a few weeks after I adopted him. A couple of short months after that he passed the Canadian Kennel Club Good Canine Citizen Test.

We also completed a Pet First Aid Certification together and Theo received a certificate for being a cooperative and patient First Aid Model.

As it turns out Theo entered my life during what would be the start of some major transitions for me. From the loss of my first dog, embarking on a new business venture, losing a parent, suffering a serious health complication, and a plethora of unforeseen changes and challenges. Through it all my dog has been a constant unwavering source of love, comfort, fun and a precious link to nature.

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