large terrier rescue dog

Richie’s Story

Meet Richie & Missy! Richie was a true street dog until some very dedicated people rescued him in a big way! Missy volunteers for Morninga’s Mission and is helping street dogs find homes on the regular (link below!).

“3 years ago, I was researching how to help stray dogs in the Caribbean when I came across a rescue group called AAAS Friends of the Animals of Sosua. They posted a photo of a bald, scabbed and very ill dog that they were trying to catch. I knew he was the dog I wanted to give a second chance at life to. His mangy photo brought me to the Dominican Republic, where I volunteered.

It took an entire team to catch him, but with lots of baths and medications, his foster family nursed him back to health. Once he was healthy, he boarded a plane for Toronto. Now here in Hamilton, I help run a rescue group with other dedicated volunteers. Dee, a foster mom in the Dominican Republic, runs a sanctuary where we have 30+ dogs, horses, a pig, a goat and cats. We also have a fabulous vet – Dr. Brent Babcock who flies to the DR to conduct spay and neuter clinics twice annually”

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