Episode 2 – Hot Mess Pooches Rescue And Sanctuary

This week we talk to Natalie of Hot Mess Pooches Rescue And Sanctuary. Located in Houston, Texas, Natalie explains just how difficult it is to rescue dogs in a city that is full of a million stray dogs. With issues such as open cruelty to animals, as well as an overwhelming amount of dogs being affected by heart worm, Natalie has her hands full.

Hot Mess Pooches is not your average mixed breed rescue. Natalie is a certified trainer, and she specializes in helping dogs who are vision and/or hearing impaired. This means she gets a lot of black and white dogs, including Great danes, Dalmatians, Pit Bulls, Australian Shepherds and more. These dogs are difficult to place in a city that is over run by dogs in need but they find a way to help as many as they can.


Hot Mess Pooches runs on donations. The have an Amazon wish list for dogs in need, things like food, collars and more, can make a big difference.

Listen here – Episode 2 – Hot Mess Pooches Rescue And Sanctuary

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Photo credit: Chase Warren

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