Episode 3 – Beagle Freedom Project

Meet the Beagle Freedom Project! Based out of Los Angeles, California, BFP spends their time speaking up for dogs in laboratories. We spoke Shannon Keith, founder of the Beagle Freedom Project and she gave us the low down on what dogs are facing in laboratories.

There are three calls to action here that I think would be wise to follow:

1) Contact your local representative in whichever state or province you are in – let them know you are not happy with animal testing in labs or the vivisection laws. They have some great information on their site.

2) Foster and adopt – BFP has foster homes and adopters all over the US and Canada – you can adopt a dog who has lived a life in a lab – how amazing would giving a dog a second chance be?

3) Follow their work and support them. I mentioned their awesome store but don’t forget to follow them on social media, share share share – make people aware!



Don’t forget! Here is a last of companies that continue to test on animals, as per Beagle Freedom Project has an app that you can download where you can scan products to find out if they use cruelty towards animals in the making of their products at:¬†http://cruelty-cutter.org/

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