Eleven’s Story

Meet Jessica and Eleven.

**Jessica is a volunteer for BulliesInNeed.ca – we had a great conversation about how people think that BSL does not exist in Ontario or it’s not enforced or other bogus rumours.

We want you to know that BSL has been in effect for 12 years in Ontario, it’s one of the most strict and largest BSL’s in the entire world (far larger than Montreal’s), and people often forget about the bullies of Ontario. If you’re in Canada e-mail your MP and your MPP to end BSL everywhere in Canada**

“I initially met Eleven in shelter, assessing her for Bullies In Needrescue – she was bouncy and bubbly and quite the handful. From what I understand from the shelter staff, Eleven had been surrendered by her owner following a domestic situation. She was a little anxious and was obviously craving love and attention. I had just started taking in fosters again and allowing my heart to be open to another dog, following the loss of my dog Helen.

I have fostered for years and foster failed twice – at those times I knew instantly that I was failing and that I couldn’t part – with Eleven, it was different. I was adamant that she was just going to be a foster and would move along, like so many other dogs that have come through my home.

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When you know you know, is what I always thought. Eleven though – she grew on me. She learned and she grew and I learned and I grew as we developed a relationship. Eleven was with me through a very hard time in my life and literally and figuratively stuck by my side through it all. I remember the day I knew she was a permanent fixture in my home. I think I was the last to know, as when I finally admitted to myself I got a collective “duh!” from all my friends and family.

I look at her every day and can’t believe how beautiful and perfect she is, and you better believe I tell her that every single time.”

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