Global Anti-BSL Day Walks Across Canada And Beyond

Quebec’s proposed Bill 128 will remove important protections for animals, and create the world’s largest breed ban targeting pit bull type dogs and Rottweilers. Ontario already has a province wide breed ban that has proved not only ineffective for public safety, but lethal for dogs who are unfairly profiled under the law.
Breed-specific legislation is unscientific, ineffective, and inhumane. On May 13th, communities across Canada and the world will march in solidarity with the families in Quebec who are fighting for common-sense laws that will protect their communities. These are the communities that will be participating:



Montreal – Global Anti-BSL 2017 L’ile de Montreal


Toronto – Redemption Dogs & Hershey’s Law Global Anti-BSL Day March

London – Global Anti-BSL Protest

Ottawa – Global Anti-BSL Day

Nova Scotia

Halifax – Dog Walk – Global Anti-BSL Day


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