Buster’s Story

Meet Buster, Bonnie and Jeff! For the first time, Buster went ahead and did the interview himself  It’s pretty cute.

“I was born a reddish-brown wiener dog in Mexico. Stories of my early years vary – some say I was a stray, others claim I was given up by my owners. What everyone agrees on is that I wasn’t living the kind of life a dog deserves. Through the kind-heartedness of some dedicated dog lovers atCoveted Canines Rescue , I made my way to the colder climes of Canada.

I was passed around by a few humans until I found a pair graced with an abundance of patience, fortitude and thick skin, who could handle my admittedly temperamental nature. You can take the dog out of the streets but it’s harder to take the streets out of the dog! Also, being a pure standard dachshund has its own challenges – I can be a stubborn boy. My male human once had a dog just like me so he knew what to expect, but the female had only ever owned a cat (a fact that I have not held against her). It was quite a learning curve for her.

Over these past eight months, I’ve come to accept them as my “fur-ever” family. I am admittedly spoiled with treats, toys and cuddles. I’m still wary of other people but once I’m assured they aren’t threats to me or my humans, I can be won over with food. Having an adversarial relationship with other dogs in my previous life has made it hard for me to socialize with the ones I pass by on the street, but my humans believe that with time and a little help I can become friendly again. They call me “a work in progress”.

My urban surroundings used to both excite and confuse me but I now walk confidently down the streets of Toronto with my humans. Everyone loves me, and I know this because they can’t help but gush over how cute and handsome I am.

Recently, I finally learned that I don’t have to wolf down my food – if I don’t finish it, no one will take it away. And I don’t have to guard my toys anymore – they’re all mine! I do worry when my humans leave without me – who’ll guard and protect them? – and am so relieved when they return alive that I slather them with sloppy kisses.

Us rescue dogs can be challenging but once you give us the love and affection we deserve, we’ll pay you back a thousand times over. We’re worth it.

Adopt, don’t shop!”

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