Episode 6 – Paws on Parole

Paws On Parole works with shelter dogs and prison inmates. It gives both the dogs
and inmates a second chance at life. It partners with the Alachua County Animal
Services, the Florida Department of Corrections Gainesville Work Camp and the
Greater Gainesville Dog Fanciers’ Association.

The founder, Hillary talks about how the program got started and how it helps the

The inmates go through training and for 8-weeks straight, day and night train the
dogs that come through the program to be “social companions” and to become more

Any type of dog is welcome from bully breeds to small and brindle dogs. The dogs
they are bringing in are normally within the 6-month to 2- year range so they are
still adaptable to all of the changes.

”Sometimes super shy is a really great dog because all they need is an inmate to hold
them and love them for the first couple of weeks so that they can build back trust.”

It doesn’t just help the dogs it also helps the inmates. They are getting education and
some of them even find careers when released.

Curtis, a former inmate and graduate of the program helped train and rehabilitate 7
dogs while he was in the program and it changed his whole life. After 3- months of
being released he is now working at an Animal Clinic as a Kennel Manager and will
be running a doggy day care.

“There’s just something about dogs, it just brings a whole different atmosphere
around people I mean even private owners, they just act different when they are
around their dog,” said Curtis. “They’re just a calming influence altogether.”
You can find more information about Paws on Parole at these links:


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