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We are heading to Houston to help alleviate stress from rescues on the ground in Houston. Our volunteers Alex and Tim will be taking a temperature controlled van down so that they can transport back to Toronto as many dogs as they can manage. There are half a dozen local rescues lined up to intake these dogs in Toronto/GTA.

We will be working with Natalie of Hot Mess Pooches to identify dogs already in the rescue / humane systems in Houston which we can safely take. This will ensure we are not taking any temporarily displaced dogs due to weather, and this will free up space in the Houston rescue system to intake more dogs. We have a budget of $2000 for van rental, gas, accommodation, and food for our volunteers.

The rest of our budget is in preparation of vetting costs. Vetting will include rabies vaccinations before coming back across the border, and most of the budget being associated with caring for HeartWorm costs once the dogs are back in Canada. You may know that HeartWorm is prevalent in Texas and will cost a local rescue upwards of $1,500 for treatment which will take months to treat.

We will be collecting  humanitarian supplies to donate – we are just confirming what is needed in the area. We will also be donating to to offset our carbon footprint of the drive.

We are always supporting local dogs and rescues and that won’t change but under the circumstances we have resources to offer, so we are doing just that.

We plan to leave early morning on September 7, 2017.

You can donate by clicking our GoFundMe campaign here:


  1. Anna Buhay Reply

    I am able to foster a Houston dog. I’m retired, have a fenced backyard, help friends by pet sitting their dogs and cats when they travel. I don’t have a pet of my own at this time but have had dogs and cats in the past.

    1. Katherine Wellman Reply

      Hey Anna! Thanks so much for the offer! We’re working on the fostering logistics still. Please email me at nicole(at) and we’ll be in contact with you soon!

    1. Katherine Wellman Reply

      Hey Alannah! Thanks so much for the kind words! Feel free to email me at nicole(at) and I can give you more info on how you can help!

  2. Susan Bates Reply

    Just donated! Hope all goes well in Houston with rescuing the dogs. I’m willing to donate my time to assist you when the dogs are brought to Toronto. I have a pet business that includes dog walking. Lots of experience with a variety of dogs – think I might be helpful to the pack. Thanks kindly!

    1. Katherine Wellman Reply

      Thanks so much for the support Susan! If you’d like more information on how to help, please email us at nicole(at)

  3. Laura Brescia Reply


    I am so happy that this is being addressed. I wish you all the best and send blessings to each of you in your efforts in rescuing these poor animals. I would like to find out more about what is required and how I may get more information as to adopting a dog from Houston. Please let me know how I can help out in that way.

    Thank you so much,

    1. Katherine Wellman Reply

      Thanks so much Laura! Feel free to email us at nicole(at) and I’ll send you some more info on how you can help!

  4. Emily N Reply

    I’m thrilled to see this! I tweeted the Toronto Humane Society and Pet Valu to see how we could help (donate supplies/foster/adopt). Please let me know how we can help! We are happy to host a dog or provide some supplies 🙂

    1. Katherine Wellman Reply

      Thank you so much Emily! You can email us at nicole(at) and we can chat a bit more about how you can help!

  5. Kim Robertson Reply

    Will you be putting a link up of available dogs for adoption when they are out of quarantine?

    You guys are amazing, fighting tears reading your story. Thank you!

  6. Gloria & Mark Samuel Reply

    We are interested in a rescue dog,4yrs old. or less, short hair, docile, small to medium, & non-barker. We are a retired couple who desperately need a new friend & companion to keep us company, thanks, Gloria & Mark.

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